Uniview Software License Agreement

When you use software products (referred to as Software in the Agreement) of Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co., Ltd. (Uniview for short), you are advised to read and observe the Uniview Software License Agreement (Agreement for short).
Before you read and accept all the terms of this Agreement, you shall not download, install, copy or use this Software.
By downloading, installing, copying or using the Software, you accept all the terms and sign the Agreement with Uniview.

1. Agreement Scope
1.1 This is an Agreement between you and Uniview for downloading, installing, copying and using of the Software.
2. Software Products
The term “software” or “software products” in the Agreement includes but not limited to computer software, all or part of images, photos, icons, audio and video recordings, music, characters and codes contained in the computer software, and relevant printing materials including manuals, instructions and handbooks.
3. Licensing Scope
3.1 Uniview grants you a personal, limited, non-transferrable and non-exclusive license to use the Software. You can install, use, display and run the Software on a single computer device for non-commercial purpose.
3.2 You can make one backup copy of the software only for the purpose of using the Software. The backup copy must retain all copyright information contained in the original software.
3.3 Uniview reserves other rights that are not explicitly licensed in other terms of this Agreement. To exercise these rights requires prior written approval from Uniview. Uniview’s failure to exercise any of these rights shall not constitute a waiver of the rights.
4. Right Restriction
4.1 Your use of the Software is limited to the purpose of using its original functions. You shall not modify, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the Software without authorization, or conduct second development on the basis of this Software to create any derivatives. For applicability or other reasons to modify the Software, you shall submit a written application to Uniview and the modification shall be carried out by Uniview.
4.2 You shall not copy all or any part of the Software without authorization except for normal use or backup archive.
4.3 The Software is for your use only. You shall not transfer, permit, rent, lease, lend, grant this Software, its copies or any part of it to a third party without prior written consent of Uniview, whether for commercial purpose or not.
5. Intellectual Property and Confidentiality
5.1 Uniview owns the copyright of this Software and trademark right, patent right, proprietary technology and other rights relevant to Uniview. You shall properly reserve these right logos and shall not delete or modify without authorization.
5.2 You have the obligation to keep confidential for the information relevant to Uniview’s technological secrets.
6. Disclaimer
6.1 Notwithstanding any other warranty herein, Uniview disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, those of implied, merchantable and particular purpose and no infringement arising from using the software.
7. Liability Limitation
7.1 You understand and agree that Uniview assumes no responsibility for any threats, loss or damage of information and data on your computer or other devices because of your own reasons or quality of network service, virus, Trojan, malware and unauthorized intrusion.
7.2 Uniview does not assume any responsibility and disclaim all warrantees if the software is damaged by accident, abuse, misuse and unauthorized alteration.
7.3 In no event shall Uniview be liable for any incidental, indirect, or punitive damages, including, without limitation, lost profits, disrupted trade, loss or damage to data arising out of the use or inability to use the software, even if Uniview has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
7.4 Under all circumstances, Uniview's total liability for all claims under this warranty shall not exceed the price paid for the Software.
8. Agreement Termination
8.1 In case of a breach of any provisions in this agreement, Uniview has the right to terminate the Agreement at any time.
8.2 After termination of this Agreement, you must stop using the Software immediately, remove all software and relevant materials copied and installed on your computer.
9. Other Terms
9.1 By using the Software, you agree to be bound by the Agreement.
9.2 Uniview has the right to modify the terms of the Agreement without prior notification if necessary. Your continued use of the Software after modification shall be deemed as your acceptance of the revised Agreement. Otherwise, you shall stop using the Software.
9.3 Laws of the People’s Republic of China are applicable to the existence, validity, performance, interpretation of this Agreement and to dispute settlements.
9.4 In case of disputes or controversies between you and Uniview, the disputes or controversies should be settled through friendly negotiation first. If the negotiation fails, you agree to institute a legal proceeding in the court that has jurisdiction in the area Uniview is located.
9.5 All the headlines in this Agreement have no actual meaning and cannot be used to interpret this Agreement. The headlines are used only for your reading convenience.
9.6 If any term in this Agreement becomes invalid partially or unenforceable regardless of the reason, other terms remain valid and bind upon both parties.