Dare to Dream

Know more about Uniview protecting football dreams

Dare to Dream: Know more about Uniview protecting football dreams

We value dreams.
The best way dream works,
is everybody in, nobody out.
It's what we believe as a company.

"Dream for the laughter, and dream for the tear.
Fight for the day.
Fight for the tomorrow"

"Hey, Franco, what do you want to do when you grow up?"
"A world famous football player!"

Our story unfolds with the dreams of a little who has dream. With the help of his families and friends, he got through frustration, anger, sadness. When Franco plays through the streets of Montevideo, only one thing matters to him: his football, nothing can stop him now. (Based on true story)

Recently, Uniview, together with our partner SVideo, donated jersey shirts and devices for Club Baby Futbol Playa Honda, at Montevideo, Uruguay.
With the World Cup in full swing, football has become one of the hottest topics. But for those young players at Club Baby Futbol Playa Honda, Montevideo, Uruguay, football has already become part of their life. There are around a hundred juvenile football players in Club Baby Futbol Playa Honda, and attended national championship competitions annually.

Since football court is an open space, staff and players were troubled with stealing issues frequently. SVideo provided and installed UNV devices around the football court. UNV cameras are able to provide clear video image 24 hours, ensured safety day and night.
It’s a great pleasure for us to witness their passion, hardworking and success. Uniview will continue to protect dreams, every year, and for many years to come.

[Witness the juvenile players football games]

After learning the football dreams of the Uruguay boys from Club Baby Futbol Playa Honda, Uniview donated jerseys shirts and equipment to guard their football dream. They had so much fun at the tournaments!
Uniview, we protect dreams, always.