UNV Thermal Camera, where the change begins

Uniview recently released a new thermal camera. Thermal cameras and traditional cameras have different optical principles. Thermal cameras display images by receiving thermal radiation from objects, therefore, it is able to "see" a lot that traditional cameras cannot "see" through temperatures, thus achieving more functions and practicalities. In addition to amplify the“see through” characteristic that thermal camera usually comes with, the new thermal camera also contains smart intrusion prevention function, fire detection, and temperature monitoring features.

Smart Intrusion Prevention

The realization of the Smart Intrusion Prevention (SIP) function has high demand on environment, since a too complicated environment will affect the accuracy of target detection. Even a slight change of weather, light, object occlusion or any other environmental factor will affect the accuracy of the function.

However, thermal cameras can sense real changes in the scene through thermal radiation in a time fashion, because it can penetrate shielding which is why thermal cameras can detect objects in many cases more accurately when traditional cameras can't.


Fire prevention is a very important part to the safety of our lives. In many scenes, once a fire starts, inestimable losses are inevitable. Due to the complicated factors in a fire incident such like smokes, the surroundings will not be easy to observe by traditional cameras.

A fire, though obscured by objects, is often accompanied by high temperatures that are invisible to the naked eye. Using thermal cameras, fires can be captured via temperature changes in the area and can be responded to before it causes more damage to people as well as properties.


In substation, oil pipeline and other similar industrial sites, the operation of the machine generates heat, resulting the high machine temperature that increases fire risks. A thermal camera is capable of detecting invisible "instrumental temperature information". Once the manually set temperature threshold was exceeded, alarm will be triggered to urge timely maintenance and troubleshooting.

Whether to inspect daily tasks like electrical panels, HVAC failures, or assess water damage, or to the extent of a fire prevention/ rescue, our  new thermal camera can reveal problems for naked eyes, see in the dark. UNV Thermal cameras are ready to make our life safer and better.

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UNV Thermal Camera, where the change begins
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