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UNV Temperature Screening Products Protect Government Housing Bank

Government Housing Bank, also called GH bank, is a state enterprise reporting to the Thai Finance Ministry. Founded in 1953, its mission is to extend mortgages to low-income earners. In 2019 GH Bank embarked on an initiative to increase its lending to high-income clients in addition to serving the low-income clients who are its reason for being. In 2019 its loan approval target is 203 billion baht. It is one of the few Thai state enterprises that contributes money to the treasury rather than rely on government for funding.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 in Thailand, a large number of people visit GH bank every day, which poses a serious challenge to the government's housing bank to prevent the epidemic. In order to make sure the health of the staff and visitors, bank administrators have implemented strict access control measures and detect the temperature. However, manual inspection, registration, and temperature measurement methods are inefficient and increase the risk of infection.

In order to compete with GH bank against COVID-19, UNV provides a bispectral infrared human body temperature rapid screening system at two main bank entrances to monitor personnel. Uniview automatic thermal temperature measurement and screening system can quickly and widely screen the body temperature through non-contact temperature measurement, and real-time screen out the individuals with abnormal fever. Bank staff can use thermometers to retest as soon as a suspicious target is targeted to ensure that no abnormal situation is missed. Efficient function and accurate information keeps work organized.

Uniview, as the world’s leading video surveillance, has delivered Heat-Tracker series products and solutions to 7 continents and more than 70 countries to help fight against Covid-19. The Heat-Tracker series products are especially suitable for the prevention and control of the epidemic situations in the traffic-intensive areas such as airports, railway stations, subway stations, hospitals, government agencies, schools, shopping malls, large factories, offices. Fast passing without contacting saves time and is much safer.

Solution Highlights

Ø Non-contact screening, 20-30 people per minute.
Ø Automatic temperature screening, alarm alerts and snapshots taking of the fever target.
Ø Measure temperature at a distance of several meters to effectively avoid close contact with potential patients.

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