XVR (enregistreur vidéo numérique)
Compatibilité puissante, fiabilité à toute épreuve.
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Uniview offers a diverse range of XVR models tailored to meet the requirements of different scenarios, whether it's for project-based needs or home use. You can easily find a product that satisfies you, ensuring both project and personal satisfaction.

Versatility in Resolution

Experience superior image quality across a diverse range of resolutions, from 2MP to 4K, ensuring exceptional visuals through our XVR product line.

Audio over Coaxial

Supporting simultaneous transmission of audio and video streams over a single cable, with compatibility for TVI protocol. Ideal for analog cameras equipped with built-in mic.


U-code revolutionizes surveillance with intelligent compression, delivering higher storage efficiency, enhanced image quality, and substantial cost savings.

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UMD efficiently filters false alarms caused by environmental factors. With human and vehicle target detection, it solves two major pain points: customer false detection filtering and alarm event categorization. It also simplifies post-event video search, enhancing retrieval efficiency and optimizing disk utilization.


UNV Smart Intrusion Prevention solutions provide highly visual system that includes detecting, alarming and recording. For small-to-medium business customers, to achieve efficient management, it is important to improve security and ensure safe operation – especially perimeter protection, intruder defending and property protection.

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