Management System
Management System
  • ISO9001 Quality Management System

    Uniview is innovatively in the industry to propose "Quality Security" and "Fine Workmanship Manufacturing". The aim in the quality is to be comparable to German industrial manufacturing, and to continuously and stably provide products and services that meet customer needs and comply with applicable regulation to enhance customer satisfaction.

    QC080000 Hazardous Substances Process Management System

    Uniview, together with its supply chain, sets up a harmless supply system, builds an information exchange platform, realizes the harmlessness of the whole life cycle of products, and continues to practice the mission of "protecting the ecological environment and human health".

  • ISO14001 Environmental Management System

    Uniview comprehensively implements the environmental management system, and actively achieves harmonious development through green ecology, energy saving, consumption reduction and pollution reduction.

    ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

    Uniview puts the health and safety of employees in the priority, adheres to principle of Prevention First and Control from the Source, and is committed to providing employees with a safe and healthy working environment.

    ISO280000 Security Management System for the Supply Chain

    Uniview comprehensively improves the safety of supply chain, improves the risk resilience of logistics, information flow and capital flow to guarantee the business continuity of supply chain.

    ISO50001 Energy Management System

    Uniview continues to improve its energy performance by integrating energy management system into its practice, implementing energy saving programs,to establish long-term energy saving system.

  • Five-Star After-Sales Service System

    Good after-sales service is an accelerator for business growth. Uniview continues to improve the service system, strengthen service management level and service capabilities, and practice the concept of "Professional with the Rear Secure and Win-Win Cooperation".

    ISO20000 Information Technology Service Management System

    Uniview establishes a standardized service process to improve the operational efficiency of information technology services, and responding to market demands in a timely manner is the constant pursuit of Uniview's information technology service management.

    ITSS Operating Maintenance Service Capability Maturity Ⅲ

    Uniview has passed national certification in operating maintenance service capability and standardized service system , and is able to provide customers with high-quality operation service .

  • ISO27001 Information Security Management System

    Uniview conducts information risk management and control from multiple perspectives, such as physical environment, infrastructure equipment, network environment and business systems, which has enhanced the information security awareness of employees and partners, protected more effectively the information assets of the company, customers and partners, improved the security and business continuity of enterprise operations.

    ISO27107 Cloud Safety Security/ISO27018 Cloud Privacy System

    EZ Cloud has reached the internationally recognized security standards in cloud platform security and personal privacy protection, and has been a good example in user data security and privacy protection in the cloud era.

    ISO27701 Privacy Protection Management System

    Uniview fully aligns with international standards in personal information management, realizing standardized and systematic management in this aspect, which reflects the company's commitment to social responsibility and user privacy security.

  • Intellectual Property Management System

    Uniview has built a strong competitive fortress of intellectual property in the fierce market competition by actively promoting the effective running of intellectual property right, improving intellectual property protection, operation and management level, and preventing infringement risks.

    R&D Capability Maturity

    Uniview is the innovatively in the industry to pass CMMI level 5.CMMI is the capability maturity model integration, which represents the company's R&D capability. The implementation of CMMI can improve the management level, reduce the engineering cost and improve the product quality. Uniview has always pushing the edge of high quality.