NVR (Network Video Recorder)
Powerful, compatible and reliable.
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UNV NVR includes Easy, Prime and Pro series, which can be adapted to different application scenarios. UNV NVR has high quality genes to ensure the reliability of devices and the whole system, focusing on user experience to simplify every operation process.
Product Series
Easy Series
Excellent in input and video storage of several IP cameras. The friendly design of device enclosure and software GUI help operator to achieve a better experience.
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Prime Series
Equipped with many practical functions and powerful decoding ability. Fits well with projects, empowers the SMB market.
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Pro Series
With large enough capacity, stability and expansibility, Pro Series provides the highest level of performance for vertical market.
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S2 Series NVR
Get started easily
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501-B Series NVR
8 X 4MP resolution
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Wifi Kit
Let signal spread effortlessly
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Featured Products
Anti-surge protection
Cooler & Quieter
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