• 01 Shoot

    Based on the topic of “Carving a colorful world”
    feel free to pick a place that inspire you of this theme
    and take a photo during the day and at night!
    (See our examples for reference)

    03 Rewards

    Get selected, and rewards, gear, global exposure, custom-made photo and frame!

    Top 5: win a $100 amazon coupon;

    Top 10: win a $50 amazon coupon;

    Top 15: win a $20 amazon coupon;

    For all entering contestants: gain exposure for your brand in our official social media accounts.

  • 02 Post

    Post them on Facebook/ LinkedIn/ Twitter remember to @Uniview
    and don’t forget to add #ColorHunter to let more people see!
    Let’s get the party started!


    15th September to 15th October.

The powerful ability of UNV ColorHunter camera to capture colorful details in the ultra-low light environment derives from three major breakthroughs in hardware: Super large aperture, progressive BSI Sensor and friendly lighting LEDs.

  • IPC2225SE-DF40(60)K-WL-I0

  • IPC3615SE-ADF28(40)KM-WL-I0