Carving a colorful world


With the development of technology and the improvement of hardware, Uniview has launched the brand ColorHunter+ series, based on ColorHunter technology. You will witness new forms and rich varieties, with advanced technologies and more amazing performance. It's aimed to catch color in further, broader and finer dimensions in dark environment, to perform vivid and detailed video for all round protection.

ColorHunter + Dual lens

ColorHunter + Dual lens
Catch color from wider view

ColorHunter + Varifocal

ColorHunter + Varifocal
Catch color from faraway

ColorHunter + 4K

ColorHunter + 4K 1/1.2" sensor
Catch vibrant color to every detail
(coming soon)

Core technologies

ColorHunter + Dual lens

When ColorHunter meets dual-lens, the camera can catch color from wider view.
With image stitching technology based on fusion algorithm, UNV ColorHunter+ dual-lens cameras can achieve a 32:9 ratio and 160° ultra-wide field of view at night that used to require multiple cameras. It can record the movement of the target all the way while unaffected by image distortion. In all, it replaces two conventional cameras with a wider field of view, which also reduce installation and labor costs.
Dual-lens combined with two F1.0 aperture and warm LEDs, the camera can perform colorful wide viewing image at night. For plaza, hotel lobby and parking lots that requires wide views in low-light environment, the ColorHunter+ Dual-lens stands out for its perfect image.

ColorHunter + Varifocal

Clear picture details are especially important for users' observation and judgment at night. Conventional colorful cameras cannot zoom in the details of objects, which affects the acquisition of object information. When ColorHunter meets the flexible varifocal capability, image details can be sharp and clear regardless of distance.
The ColorHunter + varifocal camera has 2.8~12mm automatic focus and zoom lens, which can quickly autofocus in use and easily zoom in to see image details, and capture clear images of distant objects. For some scenes like stations, parking lots, squares that usually need to enlarge the details in low light conditions, the Colorhunter + varifocal cameras become the right solution.

ColorHunter + 4K

When ColorHunter meets 4K ultra HD, the cameras can capture vibrant colorful image to every detail. 4K ultra HD, 1/1.2" large-size sensor provides vivid and colorful image even when the supplementary warm LEDs are off.

Application Scenarios

Parking lot

Obtain vehicle color information and details in low-light environments

Warm LEDs won't disturb the driver's eyes and vision


24/7 colorful monitoring guard in the factory

Friendly warm LEDS can act as a lamp

Market Entrance

See wide views by one camera at entrance of hotel

Provide colorful information of intruders for investigation


24/7 colorful monitoring and focus on vehicle

Catch more color information and details of criminals

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ColorHunter+Dual lens: Catch color from wider view

In the field of video security, color-related information is crucial for identifying details of an event, especially at night. Conventional cameras with infrared illumination can only provide black and white images for nighttime surveillance. As a result, people, vehicles or other important objects can easily blur and blend into the background, which makes it difficult to distinguish key elements. Therefore, as a professional equipment provider, Uniview has released a 4MP wide-view ColorHunter camera to bring users a complete, clear and vivid image.

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ColorHunter + Varifocal: Catch Color from Faraway

Conventional video cameras provide black-and-white images and cannot zoom in on the details of objects, which affects the acquisition of object information. Therefore, as a leading global manufacturer of professional video surveillance devices and solutions, Uniview has released a 4MP ColorHunter+varifocal camera to bring users clearer picture details and better color performance.

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