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Warehouse is a critical area where stores valuable merchandise. It needs to strictly control the access. UNV retail surveillance solution plays a vital role on goods protection and personnel access management in warehouse.

Super Starlight

UNV Super Starlight camera series, embedded with F1.2 aperture lens and Sony STARVIS image sensors, provide colorful and detailed video images under ultra-low light conditions (0.0005Lux). It adapts to both outside and low light environment.

Super Starlight

Common Starlight

Smart IR

Smart IR is an intelligent IR adaptive control technology which can balance the luminance level between distant and nearby areas. Hence, cameras are able to provide consistent clear image under low Lux scenes.

Certain models of UNV cameras with LED Infrared enable the IR illumination to reach up to 200m (656ft). UNV PTZ dome cameras with LED Infrared enable the IR illumination to reach up to 250m (820ft), and UNV Laser IR PTZ dome cameras can even reach up to 500m (1640ft).

UNV cameras can satisfy different illumination requirements for almost any retail scenarios application.

Smart IR ON

Smart IR OFF

Audio Detection

Most smart detections are based on visual clues to detect abnormal situations, while in some situations, audio information (sudden audio change) is regarded as a better proof for detecting a given event.

Implementing Audio Detection in controlled areas such as warehouse and accounts offices, enables UNV cameras to provide all-round protections for retails valuable merchandise.

UNV cameras support various audio detection types, including Sudden Rise, Sudden Fall, Sudden Change and Threshold.