• Screening

    Fever screening
  • Controllability

    Crowd control
  • Versatility(ROI)



solution overview

CW180 -E Module – with face recognition        CW180 Module - without face recognition

CW180-E temperature screening module

Quicky screening people with fever, accuracy of ± 0.3℃
Instant notifications on the mobile app
Real-time statistics of the total number of people in the restaurant

Highlight - Flow control

  • Monitor the number of people in the restaurant. When the set threshold is reached, an alarm will be triggered
  • Real-time display of the number of people entering, leaving, eating and the remaining capacity of customers

Highlight--Commercial value

While measuring the temperature, the customer will face the display directly.
You can upload pictures of signature dishes or new dishes for promotion; Also provide the corresponding videos to stimulate the appetite of customers to get better publicity effect

Highlight - Reuse after COVID-19

Specially, these products can be used in security system after pandemic ends

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