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The number of campus incidents is increasing, and campus safety is becoming a hot topic in recent years. Ensuring safety for students and teachers is one of the most important footstones for campuses. In order to achieve great academic progress and increase the popularity of campuses, the security department must establish an effective security system, and perfect video surveillance system is a necessary condition for the campus .

Uniview campus video surveillance solutions have been delivered to many prestigious campuses. As a result, Uniview has accumulated a lot of experience in many projects. Now we offer new campus surveillance solutions that are efficient, highly reliable and scalable. It can provide a complete video surveillance system for the campus , which will play an important role in pre-accident prevention, emergency command during an accident and post-accident evidence supplements. It is a defense line that protects the safety and property of students, professors and campuses.

솔루션 개요

  • 캠퍼스 폭력, 악의적 기물 파손, 절도, 자동차 사고 등
  • 긴급 상황 발생 시 빠른 위치 파악 및 검사 필요
  • 고르지 못한 보안 직원 배치
  • 고비용데이터 센터 및 네트워크
  • 시스템 유지 관리 불량


  • 강의 공간부터 거실까지 상시 7*24 비시각지대 HD 비디오 감시
  • 풍부한 기능을 지원하는 통합 관리 플랫폼
  • 타사 보안 시스템과 통합
  • IP 저장 장치를 고려한 매우 안정적이고 비용 효과적인 설계
  • 고급 NGN 아키텍처, 쉬운 유지 관리

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