Uniview Brought the Latest Industry Solutions to Intersec 2019

Dubai, UAE, January 20-22 2019 - Uniview showed comprehensive video surveillance solutions at Intersec 2019 in Dubai, UAE. Offering overall end-to-end solutions for various industries including city surveillance, commercial buildings, industry parks, and retail, Uniview has overcome plenty of security challenges. The advanced products and solutions attracted numerous attractions.

Uniview showcased network cameras and NVRs from three products series – Easy, Prime and Pro, which are suitable for customers from different industries. Transmission, storage and display devices, such as switches, network cables, IP SAN, monitors and LED screens were also displayed as parts of solutions.


Robust VMS

A VMS server is always the core part of a video surveillance system. With NGN architecture, Uniview’s latest powerful VMS-B800-A offers unified management of camera, NVR, decoder, network keyboard, cloud device, alarm control device and access controller. It is also able to connect with up to 2,000 devices or 10,000 channels by a single server, up to 30,000 channels in hierarchical network structure. Moreover, with easy-to-use software and user-friendly interface, it supports rich functions, including live view, playback, sequence, video wall, E-map, two-way audio and broadcast, people counting, real-time alarm and alarm management, and user and permission management.

Reliable IP Storage

Uniview presented professional IP storage devices called Nebula at Intersec. The NEBULA series features 4U 48 bays high density, carrier-class reliability, fast rebuilding RAID, super hard disk correction technology, optimized cache algorithm, multistage fan speed and intelligent CPU. It is suitable for high-end industries which require highly secured data protection such as airports, cities, and metro lines.

LED Display

Uniview also released a 1.2mm fine pitch LED product at INTERSEC. The LED can be scalable to any size, and has a seamless and wide angle view in the command center. With low maintenance cost and low space occupation, UNV fine pitch LED products are designed and manufactured at the highest standard.

Uniview has been developing the overseas market since 2014, and are continuously increasing investment. Ximen Yan, President of Uniview International Market Department said: "In 2018, Uniview increased more than 400 high-end projects worldwide, and business covered more than 145 countries and regions. We provided personalized solutions for various industries. Uniview will continuously develop new products for global markets and insist on bringing value to customers.”