Omniview Product Release

Uniview, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of video surveillance products and solutions, will be introducing its brand-new OmniView series panoramic camera. It is the most suitable product for panoramic surveillance, enabling wide-area monitoring.

Impressive image display

The new model IPC8542ER5-DUG panoramic camera provides 180 degree distortion-free, extreme high-definition images by seamlessly combining four 1.8” progressive scan CMOS sensors into one unit. Additionally, those high light sensitivity sensors and big F1.8 iris are perfectly integrated to demonstrate super low-illumination picture performance. Four engineered infrared LEDs are able to be separately controlled to avoid image overexposure where there are reflective objects all around the installation sites, because the LED can be manually turned off near the objects.

Powerful design and ability

It is born for large-scale security monitoring such as plazas, stadiums, parking lots, entertainment venues and wide warehouses thanks to the one multi-sensor unit of the OmniView series camera that is capable of delivering an extraordinary wide range panoramic display——There will be no more multiple cameras applied in previous cases, which reduces users’ total cost and simplifies installation and configuration complexity.

Not only showing near-infinite broad view, the OmniView camera but also has the ability to track objects intelligently with a linkage PTZ, which named 5ePTZ. It allows the OmniView to maximally zoom in and track 5 small objects simultaneously. In other word, it supports panoramic surveillance and detail close-up within only one image. Certainly, it also features intrusion detection, line crossing detection, scene change detection, heatmap, objects removal and abandon.

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