Guard Daily Operation of IKEA in Morocco, North Africa

IKEA's new central unit warehouse was built up located in Casablanca, Morocco. Recently, they have requested a surveillance system hoping to up their game in management. Uniview's customized solution stood out for this project.

IKEA is a Swedish multinational conglomerate based in the Netherlands that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, home decors.

This central unit is the core warehouse for IKEA in North Africa. Dozens of trucks coming in and out on a daily basis, while hundreds of staff work there to serve the high distribution demand. The size of warehouse makes it challenging already to manage, let alone the pressure from overseeing huge traffic flow of the trucks as well as managing the large amount of staff. Uniview solution is designed with high coverage protection and supported with powerful computing power. It makes maintaining thorough protection of the properties, and keep distribution orderly and smoothly possible.

l High coverage of the properties for thorough protection

The IKEA warehouse covers an area of approximately 80,000 square meters that generates many challenges for management to such a large space. Not only does the equipment need to be stable, but it also needs to be fully functional. Think about the extra amount of work unstable devices can cause, when over 100 devices that keep having trouble delivering clear images, all your time will be devoted to fixing them instead of actually managing the place. However, benefitting from a 154-channels IP camera video system,815SR-DV(S)PF14---mainly used in solutions that needs a wide coverage, the ultra-wide angle lens and 360° panoramic image secure a stable working environment as solid foundation for the operation and make the best use of every devices to reduce product waste, Uniview offers a complete solution that deal with large scale project like this.

l Efficient management system for smooth daily operation

Recording hundreds of devices to all areas of the warehouse in a high resolution capacity, and storing countless of videos and images take a toll on storing capacity and computing ability. With a large number of cameras running simultaneously in the IKEA warehouse, a large amount of video would be transferring on a daily basis, additionally generates a strong demand for computing and storage capacity. To tackle this challenge, a video management system with high storing capacity and computing power is a necessity.

Using a software like UNICORN Video Management Software (VMS), users can enter vehicle information in the background. Users can categorize vehicles into different types, such as registered vehicles, temporary vehicles and visitor vehicles, and the system will identify license plate numbers and analyze data to help users better manage incoming and outgoing vehicles.

Vehicle analysis report can help warehouse management personnel record vehicle in and out information, record the peak period of vehicles in and out of the warehouse, in order to reasonably plan the warehouse shipping time and avoid causing congestion.

Moreover, VMS can unify the management of IP cameras and NVRs. It supports backup and management of peripherals. By connecting other UNV devices, such as IP camera, NVR, decoder, network keyboard, access control host, alarm host, etc., it completes the comprehensiveness that are required in a project like this scale. To help employees to make the best use of the video images, and use them to help the management, UNICORN would be a perfect choice in a situation like this. It allows stable connections from all cameras with the help from Unicorn video management software (VMS).

IKEA warehouse manager, "Thanks to Uniview, it has provided IKEA with advanced video technology that meets our warehouse's daily management needs. Since the installation of the UNV cameras, the management of the warehouse has become much easier. We have full confidence in Uniview and look forward to working with them on other projects!”

When IKEA needed a rock-solid friend, Uniview showed up and delivered. Uniview will continuously to provide safety, help achieving efficiency in business and find convenience in life for everyone.

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