Uniview Redefines Home Energy at Key Energy Rimini with All-in-one Residential Energy Storage System

From March 22nd to 24th, 2023, the Key Energy Rimini 2023 officially took place at Rimini Expo Centre in Italy. As Europe's premier event dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, services, and integrated solutions, K.EY, The Energy Transition Expo, is a must-attend for industry professionals.

Uniview made a splash at the Key Energy Rimini Exhibition with its latest offering, the B10 residential energy storage system. Attendees were impressed by its innovative features and capabilities.

Worldwide investment in renewable energy reached a record $495 billion in the previous year and experts predict that the next five years will see as much renewable capacity installed as the previous two decades combined. Climate change and rising energy costs are accelerating the energy transformation affecting all continents, especially Europe and the Mediterranean region.

With the company's strategic adjustment and business upgrade, Uniview has gradually transformed into a global AIoT product and solution provider, exploring new growth opportunities. Energy storage is one of the most important directions.

Battery energy storage systems are a crucial component of the new energy industry and have the potential to revolutionize our daily lives. They can provide power to homes during outages and enable off-grid energy solutions. Uniview constantly integrates power electronics and digital technologies to meet the ever-changing market demands

Uniview hopes to bring cleaner and more sustainable energy to consumers around the world.

Among the latest exciting developments is the release of the UNV ESS-SAH5B10-A-EU, the company's first whole-home energy storage system designed for residential consumers. This all-new solution serves as an excellent option for those seeking a more sustainable and efficient way to power their homes.

UNV RESS is an energy storage system that keeps your home powered during an outage and provides energy independence from the grid. It’s just like an energy bank account where you can make deposits and withdrawals as you see fit. By storing sufficient power within the batteries, UNV RESS can reduce or eliminate your reliance on the utility electrical grid, make electricity more affordable, and get well-prepared for unexpected blackouts, emergencies, and other disasters. Recharging UNV RESS with lower-price off-peak grid power can also effectively reduce monthly electricity bills.

UNV RESS protects against outage. With UNV RESS, you'll never lose power again.

UNV RESS Highlights:

√ Easy installation

With just 3-step cable connection, you can set up a residential ESS

√ Good components, Good quality

√ Smart control and monitor

With APP, you can control and monitor ESS just by fingertips

√ 7% increase in usable capacity

UNV B10 provides 97% of the rated battery capacity to be usable, while others only 90%

√ As long as 15-years lifespan

6000+ cycles over 70% SOH

3500+ cycles over 80% SOH

√ On-grid& off-grid hybrid ESS system

Minimize the modification of home circuitry

About Uniview:

With a pragmatic attitude and continuous innovation, Uniview roots into various industries, to unlock smart, connective city and life. We have set up 16 international branches, covering more than 200 countries and regions with local teams rooted in domestic markets.

Uniview provides accountable, high-quality, easy-to-use and safe products, ranging from portable power station (Portable RESS) and portable solar panels to residential energy storage system (RESS)for home and business worldwide.

With the integrated and applied technologies of both lithium-ion battery energy storage and AIoT technologies, Uniview is dedicated to developing the state-of-art ESS products to meet the various demands of different scenarios, from portable power stations to residential ESS.

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