Success Cases
UNV Heat-tracker Product Secures the Passengers on Bus in Chile


Central Valley Mine is a leader in the recovery of copper and molybdenum from mining waste. There is no other company in the world that produces these metals through tailings treatment, with the advanced technology and sustainable processes with which this medium-sized Chilean mining company does. Central Valley Mine in Chile has 900 workers, and the logistics department has eight buses for staff convenience.


1) Bus boarding has high demands on speed and efficiency
2) The body temperature of passengers must be accurately measured
3) Protection of facial privacy
4) Reduce labor costs

Product Introduction:

OTC-513, intelligent Standing Pole-mounted Measuring Instrument, detects the body temperature in a non-contact manner, making it easy to use and reducing labor costs.  Moreover, it can measure the temperature with an accuracy of 0.1℃ and a measurement deviation of ±0.3℃. The OTC-513 is installed to the bus entrance. With the use of the second generation temperature measurement module, the equipment can detect it in a range of 1-4cm. For on-board projects, real-time statistics on the LCD screen can also be used to control passenger numbers.


“More than 900 direct and indirect workers of Minera Valle Central have benefited from the implementation of OTC-513”, expressed by Carlos Cáceres, the head of the Department of Welfare and Labor Relations of Minera Valle Central, who also highlighted that the feeling of well-being at work has increased on psychological level, which is very important for daily life.

“ground-breaking model is ready to be installed in different areas, ” as Cáceres assures, consists of UNV highly reliable temperature control equipment OET-513, which is permanently implemented at the entrance to each bus, and has played an important role by becoming the first health and contagion barrier at one of the most important mines in Chile.

"Previously, we were screened for temperature by a worker who operated the forehead thermometer himself, but there were always problems such as insufficient availability, additional labor costs, and the speed of temperature screening. To do this, we realized that we needed to automate temperature measurements and improve the accuracy of each employee's tests. "

“Another consequence of implementing these necessary security devices was the distance between people inside our transport vehicles, which already reduced the current availability even more. By confirming that each worker has successfully passed the temperature check, we were able to return to normal work”.

“Likewise, in order to further enhance the safety of our workers internally,” a representative of the Welfare area of Minera Valle Central, added that “two Temperature Control devices were implemented in two dining halls.”