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Fight against COVID-19, Dallah Holding Media Group Chooses UNV Temperature Screening Product, Qatar


The world is facing enormous challenges from COVID-19. All companies are looking for ways to keep their employees safe. As a global leader in video surveillance manufacturing, Uniview's research and development department first invented a range of epidemic prevention and temperature screening products in early 2020 and is fully recognized by customers worldwide.

Dallah Holding Media is a group composed of a number of Media companies with rich expertise and experience in their professional fields, which can provide influential and innovative media solutions. Dallah Holding Media has been established for 35 years and enjoys a high reputation in Qatar. To deal with the COVID-19 situation and ensure the safety of employees, UNV temperature screening products stood out among the epidemic prevention products selected by Dallah Holding Media.

Solution and Products

Dara Holding Media Group has installed five UNV OET-213H-BTS1 face terminals along with temperature screening modules at each gate of the company building. Every employee must undergo facial recognition and temperature measurement before entering the office. At present, Dara Holding Media Group's UNV temperature screening products are operating normally to ensure the safety of employees entering and leaving the company. UNV OET-213H-BTS1 supports both face recognition and temperature screening, is highly accurate and efficient, and is suitable for corporate building solutions.


● Support non-contact wrist temperature detection, warn people with abnormal body temperature.

● Support wrist distance detection, improve the accuracy of temperature measurement.

● Support the binding of temperature detection and personnel information, which can quickly confirm personnel information and conduct temperature detection

● Non-contact wrist temperature detection module, the measurement range is between 30℃ to 45℃, accuracy can reach 0.1℃, measurement deviation is less than or equal to 0.3℃, and distance is between 1cm to 4cm.

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