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Multi-directional monitoring
Monitoring large scenes requires installing multiple devices at different spots, which increases equipment costs, installation labor costs, and maintenance expenses.

Balancing panoramic and detailed views
In large scene monitoring, sometimes it is necessary to install a PTZ Camera at the same time to track and magnify details, complementing the ordinary IP Camera.

What's MultiView

MultiView products, the pinnacle of innovation, integrate different views in one camera. MultiView cameras can realize multi-directional monitoring and seamlessly combine panoramic views with complex details. These high-end products are engineered for a wide variety of scenarios.

In MultiView You can Experience

Super Large Coverage

Monitor large areas from different angles, with one camera.

Single IP, Multiple Channels

Occupy only one IP address and provide multiple images on different screens.

Reduce Installation Cost

Save money by combining views in one unit, instead of deploying several single-lens cameras.

Brilliant Low-Light Imaging

UNV LightHunter imaging technology records detailed.

Panoramic & Detail Linkage(PTZ)

Normal cameras can only monitor in one direction at the same time.

When the lens rotates to another direction, the monitoring picture in the original direction will be lost.

Now, with MultiView products, once an event is detected, the details lens will automatically zoom and track the suspicious target, the panoramic lens still monitors the whole situation, and does not lose any information.

Single IP, Multiple Channels

MultiView products only occupy one IP address and they can provide multiple images on different screens. Users can view multiple channel real-time images without complicated IP set up and wiring.

Brilliant Low-Light Imaging

Clear images are very important in every security scene. The excellent imaging ability of MultiView cameras is unparalleled. They apply UNV LightHunter imaging technology to every channel, ensure that every security incident is recorded clearly and in detail by cameras in extremely dark environment.

Reduce Installation Cost

Instead of deploying several single-len cameras to cover different angle, a MultiView product can potentially reduce installation cost by consolidating viewing capabilities into a single unit.

Application Scenarios

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